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Development of your sales team’s Sales Skills and abilities and their selling skills potential is a key responsibility in your role as a sales manager. Many sales managers have tried to create selling skills programs or have bought sales skills training that didn’t work. Research shows that 90% of all sales training fails.

Why? Sales managers tell us they were promised a quick fix or a selling skills “secret” that would make their reps beat out all the others in a selling situation. The reps were pumped up because of the sales skills training, but when it did not work as promised, they became deflated and sales actually fell. Was the “selling skill” ever proven to provide long-lasting results?

The Sales Board’s training is research proven by over 350,000 salespeople in over 3,000 companies. Our Action Selling sales skills training is a full-scale proactive communications process for planning, conducting and following up on a sale. It is not a collection of reactive and manipulative tricks or sales techniques. It teaches selling skills that matter and treats buyers with respect, leading to lasting relationships and repeat business.

Key Selling Skills That Drive Success

Through our Sales Training research on over 350,000 trained salespeople, we have learned that there are Five Sales Skills that need to be a central part of any successful sales training program. They must be learned and mastered before sales professionals can reach their full sales potential. These Five Critical Sales Skills include:

5 Selling Skills

5 Selling Skills

  • Buyer Seller Relationship
  • Sales Call Planning
  • Questioning Skills
  • Sales Presentation Skills
  • Gaining Commitment

These Sales Skills must also be combined with a high-impact, non-manipulative Sales Process; a process that moves the sale forward naturally. When each sales skill is used at the right time within a sequence that follows the decision-making process of the buyer, the salesperson becomes a partner and trusted adviser for the buyer.

With Action Selling, our selling skill training transfers new selling skills into the field and teaches them the ability to use these skills at the right time, in the right sequence – when buyers are ready. That translates into increased sales, improved profit margins, reduce sell-cycle times and longer-lasting relationships.

Research by independent Aberdeen Research shows that when salespeople are certified by The Sales Board on the 5 Critical Sales Skills of Action Selling here’s what happens:

Sales Skills Performance

Salespeople Certified in the Sales Skills of Action Selling Outsell All Others.
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Assess Your Knowledge

Sales Skills Assessment Reports

Benchmark Sales Skills Assessment Reports

Take our Free Sales Skills Assessment. Assess your knowledge in knowing each selling skills definition, how they are used and your ability in using each selling skill.

After using our Selling Skills Assessment tool, you will get detailed reports on the skills that can be improved and how to improve them.

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