5 Critical Sales Skills

Research Links Five Sales Skills to Top Sales Performance

Since 1990 our research has tracked over 350,000 salespeople from a wide variety of industries and has identified five sales skills that are critical for maximizing sales performance. More increase sales and top sales performance have been achieved by knowing how and when to use these Five Critical Sales Skills than any other skills.

  1. Managing the Buyer/Seller Relationship: Salespeople who develop a clear understanding of the buyer decision process and combine this with their selling process show more sales performance improvement than those that do not understand this relationship.
  2. Sales Call Planning: The most frequent mistake made by salespeople is the failure to plan their sales calls properly. Dramatic sales performance improvement is available with a simple formula for the sales call plan.
  3. Sales Questioning Skills: Salespeople fail to ask all of the right questions in their sales process. When The Best Sales Questions MapTM is used, this problem is solved and sales increase.
  4. Sales Presentation Skills: Even though many salespeople are skillful at presenting, their sales presentations lack effectiveness because they fail to communicate a succinct solution to their customer’s needs.
  5. Gaining Commitment: Most salespeople fail to accomplish their principle mission of gaining commitment. Exponential sales performance improvement is gained when this problem is solved.

Our research has identified three important facts about these Five Critical Sales Skills:

  1. These 5 Sales Skills were measured with our Sales Skills Assessment and compared to pre and post sales training performance.
  2. These 5 Selling Skills are mastered with our Sales Training & Sales Certification Programs.
  3. Increase sales revenue accelerated at six times the current rate when salespeople completed Action Selling Sales Certification.

Until these skills are mastered, these are the only sales skills in which an individual or company should invest.

Note: Research shows that when salespeople certify on these Five Critical Sales Skills, sales performance increases at twice the rate of others.

Five Critical Sales Skills Assessment

Take the Action Selling Free Benchmark Sales Skills Assessment to get a detailed recommendation on where you stand with the 5 Critical Selling Skills and what will happen if your sales force becomes Certified.

This free sales skills assessment will diagnose selling problems and give you immediate recommendations on tangible ideas that you can implement immediately. The assessment measures your team’s current knowledge and ability in the 5 Critical Sales Skills. You’ll get the information necessary to implement a selling skills training plan that will accelerate your sales success and unlock the full potential of your sales force.

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