Sales Skill #1 – Buyer Seller Relationship

Most salespeople fail to understand the Buyer Decision Process and that there are five decisions that all customers make. Furthermore, they fail to manage sales calls so that these 5 Buying Decisions are made in the proper order.

Fact: 82% of sellers are out-of-sync with the customer’s buying decision process.

Sales Training Research on over 350,000 salespeople has revealed that customer resistance is not be caused by what you present. It comes from improper sequencing of your presentation. This makes sales differentiation difficult and results in lost sales or resistance to your price.

Buying Decision Process

The Buying Decision Process

5 Buying Decisions

All customers make Five Sequential Buying Decisions. These decisions are made in the following order.

  1. Salesperson
  2. Company
  3. Product
  4. Price
  5. Time to Buy

Buying Decision Process Explained

Customers will find reasons not to buy when your sales presentation is out of sync with the sequence of their buying decisions. To increase your chances of success, you must sequence your sales presentation to follow the buying decision process. When you do, you’ll sell the customer on each buying decision in the proper order. This is exactly how Action Selling Certified salespeople orchestrate their sales calls and increase sales growth by 6X.

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