Sales Skill #5 – Gaining Commitment

Do you have a consistent sales process that shows you when and how to Ask for Commitment?

Your Sales Objectives

The principle mission of the salesperson is to gain commitment from the customer. The reason companies value salespeople is because salespeople are good at Gaining Commitment. But recent research by The Sales Board indicates all salespeople need dramatic improvement in achieving Sales Objectives and Gaining Commitment at each milestone of the sale.

FACT: 62% of Salespeople Fail to Ask for Commitment

There are 3 important reasons why this occurs:

  1. Salespeople lack a procedure for Gaining Commitment
  2. Salespeople miss buying signals from the customer
  3. Salespeople do not set proper Sales Objectives for sales calls (See Sales Skills #2 – Sales Call Planning)

All Salespeople Know they Need to Improve their Gaining Commitment Skills

Surveys conducted by The Sales Board consistently show that the greatest perceived need of all salespeople is to improve their Gaining Commitment skills. Action Selling shows salespeople how to smoothly and effectively ask for commitment. It is the natural conclusion to a well-orchestrated sales call. Because of the sequence of Buying Decisions that the customer has made, asking for commitment is a “when” versus a “what” decision. If the salesperson has followed the Action Selling process and all sales objectives of each milestone have been met, the customer makes the final buying decision… The Time to Buy.

When a consistent sales process like Action Selling is used, salespeople will know when and how to achieve all their Sales Objectives. The process shows them how to gain commitment at each milestone of the sale.

Take the Action Selling Free Benchmark Sales Skills Assessment and check if you need to improve your Gaining Commitment Skills. You’ll get detailed recommendations on what you need to do to master each of the critical sales skills.

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