Sales Skill #2 – Sales Call Planning

The most frequent mistake that all salespeople make is the failure to create an effective Sales Call Plan. They don’t establish the right sales call objective. The Sales Board’s research of over 350,000 salespeople shows that correcting this problem has the most immediate payback on sales performance.

FACT: 99% of Sales Professionals Fail to Set the Right Sales Call Objectives

Salespeople lack a process for Sales Call Planning. When they are taught the correct process for Planning Sales Calls that includes a Commitment Objective, performance improves immediately.

Sales Call Plan

Commitment Objective: Gain an agreement from the customer that will move the sale forward to the next milestone in your sales process.

Action Selling teaches salespeople a Sales Call Plan that focuses their sales call on accomplishing a commitment objective: To Gain an Agreement that will Moves the Sales Relationship Forward. This sequential sales process is a logical series of pre-determined Milestones and Commitment Objectives. Milestones are the stages of your typical sales process. The Commitment Objective is what the salesperson wants the customer to commit to in order to move to the next Milestone. The image below is an example of this sales process structure. Click on the image to follow the progression of milestones and Sales Call Objectives.

Sales Call Plan

An Effective Sales Call Plan

Commitment Objective

“A goal we set for ourselves to gain agreement from our customer that moves the sales process forward.”

Act 1 of Action Selling teaches salespeople how to set a Commitment Objective for every Milestone of their sales process.

Mastering the Sales Call planning skill will unlock more sales potential more quickly than any other sales skill. With a Sales Call Plan, the entire selling process gains momentum and sell cycles are dramatically (25%) shorter. Salespeople win more business – while decreasing sales cycle time. This single Action Selling principle will provide an immediate boost in performance!

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