Sales Skill #4 – Presentation Skills

Unfortunately, for many salespeople – and potential customers, the Sales Presentation is nothing more than a data dump. Talking too much, presenting too soon or just “winging it” on a Sales Call has grim consequences: lost momentum, stalls, objections, lost sales, extended sell cycles and low margins. Bottom line: An entire sales career can be mediocre without a clear road map to follow for the sales presentation.

FACT: 95% of Salespeople Talk Too Much and Listen Too Little

The Sales Board’s research on over 350,000 certified salespeople shows that salespeople will never reach their full sales potential without a well-defined Sales Process that matches the Decision Making Process of the buyer. Poor sales presentation skills or poorly timed sales presentations can kill a deal.

An Effective Sales Process

Sales Process

Follow this Sales Process for every Sales Call

Action Selling breaks a sales call into nine important components, sequenced in the order of the five buying decisions that every customer makes. (See Sales Skill #1: Managing the Buyer/Seller Relationship.)

The Action Selling Sales Process, shows sales professionals the proper sequence for sales presentations. When this sales process is implemented, sales presentations are always delivered at the right time and with the right differentiated sales capabilities.

When this consistent Sales Process is used the Sales Presentation is focused on specific, high-priority needs and is given when the customer is ready to hear it – after the salesperson decision has been made by the buyer. You’ll win more business, at the right price.

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