Sales Skill #3 – Questioning Skills

Critical Sales Skill #3 involves salespeople mastering the art of asking the Best Sales Questions. The Question is the number one tool salespeople have for selling themselves. That’s the customer’s first Buying Decision (The Salesperson). By engaging the prospect, building rapport, demonstrating interest, discovering needs, managing the sales conversation and selling their credibility by asking the best sales questions the salesperson effectively sells themselves to the customer.

FACT: 86% of Salespeople Fail to Ask the Best Sales Questions

Poor questioning skills will lead to resistance in the form of objections later in the sale cycle. This resistance will be in the form of objections to the Product, Price, Company or Salesperson.

The Best Sales Questions to Ask

Sales Questions

Sales Questions – Your Questioning Strategy for Asking The Best Questions

Sales Questions help customers make their first key buying decision, which is whether to “buy” the salesperson. (See Sales Skill #1: Managing the Buyer Seller Relationship.) By using the best sales questioning skills, salespeople build rapport and demonstrate interest in the customer. They uncover customer needs and strategically develop a game plan for gaining commitment from the customer.

But merely asking sales questions isn’t enough. Action Selling’s Best Questions strategy shows salespeople how and when to ask the Best sales questions. Then, salespeople learn how to ask leverage questions and Open Ended Questions that turn up the heat and create urgency to have your solution.

If you want to be positioned as the best or only solution for your customer, ask the “Best Sales Questions.” When you master Questioning Skills, your customer will view you as a consultant with their best interests in mind. You will effectively sell yourself and make all of the other Buyer Decisions such as Price far easier to manage.

Improve Sales Skills Now

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