Create a Culture of Sustainable Sales Growth

When a business chooses to implement Sales Training they usually have two major Sales Training goals in mind:

  1. Shape the culture of their sales organization for continuous success
  2. Drive top line revenue to achieve corporate objectives

To accomplish these goals, sales managers and sales people must identify and follow your company’s best sales practices. These practices are typically what your best people do that makes them successful. Your best people are those that exceed quota regardless of the economy or any other obstacle that confronts them.

Extracting and documenting best sales practices and then training all of your people to follow them might require professional resources. That’s where we come in.

We are The Sales Board; a Top Ten Sales Training Company with a mission of helping sales organizations maximize success. Independent research claims that we are the best at doing this. We’ve helped over 3,000 companies create a culture of sustainable sales growth since 1990.

Your Sales Training Partner

Here is what our clients are typically looking for in Sales Training:

  • A program which installs a consistent sales culture throughout their entire organization
  • Sustainability, not just a training event or “program of the month”
  • Great skill development ideas from a trusted partner
  • A proven record of success in creating sustainable sales growth

Best Sales Training

Sales Training Research

Sales Training Research Study

Independent researcher, Aberdeen Group, verified that Action Selling, the only sales training endorsed by The Sales Board, consistently outperforms “All Other” sales training programs.

According to Aberdeen, sales people from companies trained in Action Selling were 54% more likely to report their reps achieved quota than companies using “All Other” sales training.

In this Sales Training Research report, Action Selling has greater year-over-year improvements than other sales training programs, in every category that matters: achieving quotas, bigger deals, better customer retention and faster sales cycles.

See The Sales Training Study by Aberdeen Research Group Report

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