Best Sales Training

If you are looking to compare Best Sales Training Programs, make sure they meet these “best-in-class” criteria:

#1 Criteria: Has the program been verified by independent research?

Can the training company show that its “best sales training” improves Key Performance Indicators? Here’s what Action Selling Customers report compared to all other training:

  • Reduced selling cycles (time to close) by 136% YOY
  • Increased average deal size by 79% YOY
  • Increase percentage of reps achieving quota by 54% YOY
  • Greater customer retention by 93% YOY
  • Reduced turnover in sales reps by 125% YOY(due to their increased success and job satisfaction)
  • Overall team attainment of quota by 25% YOY

#2 Criteria: Is the sales process documented?

Many sales training programs are based on sales tips or sales techniques. But these so-called best sales training companies will mash together several ideas to improve performance when certain situations arise. If the situation doesn’t arise, what do you do? That’s the problem. They are a reaction versus a pro-active procedure for selling. The best sales training programs present a well-documented and well-established sales process that is flexible enough to fit every selling situation.

Sales Process - The Action Selling Sales Process

Follow the Action Selling Sales Process for every Sales Call

#3 Criteria: Is the sales process aligned with the buyer’s decision making process?

Ineffective sales training fails to teach a process that is based on the sequential Buying Decisions that all customers make. The result is customer resistance to one or more of the 5 Buying Decisions. When salespeople follow a sales process that is based on proactively treating or anticipating resistance, sales happen without objections to handle.

The most effective sales training programs teach sales reps to manage the customer’s buying process and match their sales process with these decisions in the proper sequence.

#4 Criteria: Is the process focused on differentiation?

When salespeople are able to identify needs that will uniquely position themselves, your company, products and services as a unique solution, they improve their sales volume and profit margins. Creating a differentiated selling position isn’t about What You Sell. It’s about How You Sell.

#5 Criteria: Are sales skills measured and is the measurement validated?

Many sales training programs give you a certificate of attendance at the end. Or, they conduct a survey to see if you liked the facilitator or not. Still others test your people at the conclusion of the course to measure learning or survey managers to see if you remember what was discussed.

Best Sales Training Course

Sales Certification

Sales Certification requires measurement of long-term retention and most importantly the ability to apply the concepts that are taught to daily work. Validated assessment instruments are required to do this effectively certify sales professionals.

Make sure that the sales training program you select has a daily-use tool for planning sales calls and using the concepts that were taught. In order for reinforcement to be most meaningful, it must provide customized best practice plans for every sales call. Ongoing reinforcement facilitates knowledge integration and fosters application of newly acquired skills in the field.

Use these 5 criteria to measure and select the Best Sales Training program. You’ll be glad you did.

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