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Action Selling Sales Book
How to sell like a professional, even if you think you are one.

The Action Selling Sales Book

Author: Duane Sparks

Of all the Sales Books available, Action Selling should be read first to understand the concepts presented in the other books.

Action Selling is a short sales book in story format that shows salespeople how and when to use the key sales skills that have the greatest impact on gaining customer commitment. This sales book also describes the Action Selling Process: a proven, research-based selling process that combines these critical sales skills with relationship skills into a practical, non-manipulative procedure that moves the sale forward through each milestone of the sales cycle.

The Story:

Veteran salesperson Matt figures he’s in for a major headache when his new boss tells him he needs to learn to sell like a professional. “Oh no,” he thinks. Not another grab bag of pseudo-magic sales tricks.” But when Joe begins to explain a system called Action Selling, an ordinary airline flight becomes a life-changing experience. His approach to planning, conducting, and closing a sale will never be the same.

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Selling Your Price
How to escape the race to the bargain basement.

Selling Your Price Sales Book

Author: Duane Sparks

Selling Your Price is one of the best sales books in story format that provides a sustainable way to protect your margins and make more money for yourself and your company – regardless of your industry or the nature of your products and service.

The Story:

Scott’s margins are shrinking, but the way competitors are hammering him on price, he thinks he’s doing well to hang onto any clients at all. Then sales manager Christine opens his eyes. Scott isn’t just a victim in the price-cutting wars, he’s a perpetrator. And a system called Action Selling isn’t just a better way to plan and manage sales calls. It’s an escape route from the price trap for Scott and his customers. When he finally gets the picture, Scott’s approach to selling will never be the same.

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The Answer to Sales

Questions Sales Book

Author: Duane Sparks

In Questions: The Answer to Sales, you will see how three quarters of selling takes place when the salesperson is listening, not talking. The battle for customer commitment has changed. This is one of the top sales books you should read. You will learn to win your customer’s heart and mind, by asking “The Best Questions”. Salespeople who do that – win!

The Story:

Mitch is a top pitchman, with charisma to burn. So why is his sales career going down the tube? In desperation, he puts the issue to his old pal Harry during a game of golf. Thanks to a system called Action Selling, Harry already knows what Mitch has yet to learn: Great customer relationships aren’t forged by great presentations but by great questions. Can Mitch change his sales game and turn pro? Or is he a gabby dinosaur, headed for extinction?

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Masters of Loyalty
How to turn your sales force into a loyalty force.

Masters of Loyalty Sales Book

Author: Duane Sparks

In Masters of Loyalty, you will learn the only real reason why customers become genuinely loyal to suppliers and why most companies get the loyalty equation wrong. Masters of Loyalty gives both sales managers and salespeople an intimate view of what loyal customer relationships look and sound like and how to go about transforming sales calls so that customers are not merely “satisfied” but move toward full-blown loyalty – during every call.

If you want to turn your sales force into a dynamic loyalty force that makes customers highly resistant to competitor’s appeals and binds them to your company in a lasting way, read how a master does it.

The Story:

Marketing vice president Mike is in trouble. His special loyalty-rewards program has all the right elements, but customers aren’t buying it. Except, that is, from a regional sales rep named Tony. Like all of the company’s reps, Tony uses the Action Selling system. But somehow he seems to operate at a master’s level, generating not just sales but fiercely loyal customers. Discover Tony’s secret.

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Sales Strategy From The Inside Out
How Complex Selling Really Works.

Sales Strategy Sales Book

Author: Duane Sparks

In our Book: Sales Strategy From The Inside Out, you will learn how to successfully win large account business and turn your b2b customers into allies and champions. Sales Strategy will help you navigate through any deal regardless of the complexity or the number of decision makers involved.

The Story:

Meet Nancy, Victor and Stan. They have different levels of buying authority at Amstand Corp., but they’re all strangely attracted to some salespeople from a company called GoTeam. Why? In their own voices, each tries to explain. But what the buyers don’t know are the secrets behind this powerful attraction. So meet the sellers – Carrie, Ron, and Darrel – who reveal how a system called Action Selling makes “complex” sales a lot less complicated.

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