Action Selling Sales Book

Action Selling
How To Sell Like A Professional Even If You Think You Are One

The Action Selling Sales Book

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Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French

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The Action Selling Sales Training Book Gives You:

  • A quick and enjoyable read, in story form, that will give you more insight into selling in 2 hours than many salespeople gain in their entire careers.
  • A proven system for managing and conducting the entire sales process – one that applies to any industry and dramatically improves the performance of salespeople with any level of experience.
  • A specific and easy-to-follow road map that will allow you to sell more products or services, build stronger lasting relationships with customers, and help you make more money.

The Story

Veteran salesperson Matt figures he’s in for a major headache when his new boss tells him he needs to learn to sell like a professional. “Oh, no,” he thinks. “Not another grab bag of pseudo-magic sales tricks.” But Matt can’t deny Joe’s critique of his current, common mistakes. And when Joe begins to explain a system called Action Selling, an ordinary airline flight becomes a life-changing experience as Matt comes to realize he is receiving a great gift. His approach to planning, conducting, and closing a sales call will never be the same. And his earning potential is about to skyrocket.

Action Selling is based on a fully supported, instructor-led sales training program that has improved the performance of over 350,000 salespeople in more than 3,000 sales organizations.

Contact us at 1-800-232-3485 to learn more about how Action Selling can help your organization realize the full potential of its sales force.

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Action Selling has been integral in our ability to differentiate our sales force, company and product, and realize significant revenue gains.
Bill Bergstrom
National Sales Manager, Terry Berry Company

When I first heard about Action Selling training I thought, “Another colossal waste of selling time.” I could not have been more wrong. This program is fantastic! I would like to thank the Hagie family for investing in my future.
Rex Riedy
Territory Manger, Hagie Manufacturing

This book put me in control. INVALUABLE information lies within these pages. Master the ‘9 step’ process and put cash in your pocket.
Juanita Carpenter
Amazon Book Customer

These concepts are working to the advantage of our sales team as we grown and expand. I strongly endorse Action Selling.

Michael Beddor
CEO, Japs-Olson Company

I would estimate the long-term value of this sales training at…unlimited.
Steve Grossman
Vice President, Mega Hertz Company

I walk into every selling situation with a different mindset. I have a solid agenda. I don’t waste anyone’s time, including my own. I find it easier to sell value rather than cost. Thank you, Action Selling.
Michael Marquez
Technical Sales, Quadna

Logical, robust, and straightforward. Action Selling is the key ingredient in supporting our business growth.
Tom Roland
VP Business Development, TEAM Solutions

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