Masters of Loyalty

Masters of Loyalty:
How To Turn Your Sales Force Into A Loyalty Force.

Masters of Loyalty Sales Book

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Masters of Loyalty Sales Training Book Gives You:

  • A quick and enjoyable read, in story format, that reveals the only real reason why customers become genuinely loyal to a supplier.
  • Why most companies get the loyalty equation all wrong.
  • An intimate view of what loyal customer relationships look and sound like – and how salespeople can build such relationships – step by step.
  • A blueprint for transforming sales calls so that customers are not merely “satisfied” but move toward full-blown loyalty – during every call.
  • A prescription for turning a sales force into a loyalty force that makes customers highly resistant to competitors appeals and binds them to your company in a lasting way.

The Story

Marketing vice president Mike is in trouble. His special loyalty-rewards program has all the right elements, but customers aren’t buying it. Except, that is, from a regional sales rep named Tony. Like all of the company’s reps, Tony uses the Action Selling system. But somehow he seems to operate at a master’s level, generating not just sales but fiercely loyal customers. What is Tony’s secret? To save his own job, Mike desperately needs to find out.

Masters of Loyalty teaches salespeople how to operate at the master’s level, with an understanding that the underlying purpose of every sales call is not only to sell products and services, but to sell loyalty as well. That’s when companies reach their full sales potential.

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