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Questions: The Answer to Sales Gives You:

  • A quick and enjoyable read, in story form, that shows vividly why questioning and listening skills are a salesperson’s most valuable asset.
  • Specific examples of the questions that count most and how, when and why to ask the best questions during a sales call.
  • Specific insight into Action Selling, the research-based sales system that tells you, step by step, what to do with the information gleaned from asking The Best Questions.
  • A glimpse of the new and better world that opens when you learn to make truly professional sales calls.
  • A specific and easy-to-follow road map that will allow you to sell more products or services, build stronger lasting relationships with customers, and help you make more money.

The Story

Mitch is a top pitchman, with charisma to burn. So why is his sales career going down the tubes? In desperation, he puts the issue to his old pal and mentor Harry during a game of golf. Thanks to a system called Action Selling, Harry already knows what Mitch has yet to learn: Great customer relationships aren’t forged by great presentations but by great questions. Can Mitch change his sales game and turn pro? Or is he a gabby dinosaur, headed for extinction?

Questions: The Answer to Sales is based on Action Selling: a fully supported, instructor-led sales training program that teaches a research-proven sales process combining the five critical sales skills with relationship skills into a non-manipulative, high-impact sales procedure. Action Selling has improved the performance of over 400,000 salespeople in more than 3,000 sales organizations.

Contact us at 1-800-232-3485 to learn more about Action Selling and how to ask The Best Questions. We can help your organization realize the full potential of its sales force.

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