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Sales Strategy From The Inside Out
How Complex Selling Really Works.

Sales Strategy Sales Book

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The Sales Strategy Sales Training Book Gives You:

  • A quick and enjoyable read that demystifies the process of strategic planning in complex selling environments.
  • A uniquely personal look at how sales strategy plays out where it really counts – inside the heads of buyers and sellers.
  • A gut-level understanding of how to turn B2B customers into your allies and champions.
  • A complete sales system that allows you to navigate through any deal, regardless of the number of decision makers or the complexity involved.

The Story:

Meet Nancy, Victor and Stan. They have different levels of buying authority at Amstand Corp., but they’re all strangely attracted to some salespeople from a company called GoTeam. Why? In their own voices, each tries to explain. But what the buyers don’t know are the secrets behind this powerful attraction. So meet the sellers – Carrie, Ron, and Darrel – who reveal how a system called Action Selling makes “complex” sales a lot less complicated.

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