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Sales Training LearningThe Action Selling LearningLink™ – Online Sales Training eLearning portal provides sales reinforcement tools and resources for enrolled students who are actively participating in Action Selling Sales Training. Through consistent reinforcement, sales coaching, skill practice, accountability, and field level exercises, students can further develop their new sales skills online and become further equipped to perform as an Action Selling Certified Sales Professional.

Our Online Sales Training …

  • Develops your sales skills with a time frame that fits your work schedule.
  • Eliminates expensive travel or time away from the field.
  • Controls your learning pace for better comprehension.
  • Matches your learning style whether fast or slow.
  • Will certify you at home or at the office on the sales skills that lead to success.
  • Cost is 85% less than classroom training.

What Is Included?

Online Sales Training

Online Sales Training eLearning

To help students reach this goal and to help prepare them for the final Sales Skills Certification Assessment, we offer the following online sales training programs and learning tools:

  • Skills Assessments (this is not the Free Assessment)
  • Certification Assessment
  • Skill Drills
  • Student & Manager Reports
  • Forms (PDF format)
  • Best Sales Practice Manuals
  • Video/DVDs and Audio Presentations
  • Plan to Win/Replay the Call Forms
  • Personal Contact with Your Trainers/Coaches

Become a Certified Action Selling Salesperson and increase your sales growth rate 2X over your competitors using our Action Selling LearningLink.

Our Online Sales Training Is For:

  • Veteran Salespeople who want to refresh their Selling Skills
  • Salespeople that are New to the Profession of Sales
  • Sales Managers that need a sales process for Coaching their team
  • Non-Salespeople who want to learn the skills of professional salespeople
  • Sales Teams that are looking for high quality affordable sales training
  • Previously Trained Action Selling students that want a refresher course
  • Worldwide Sales Teams that want an efficient way to upgrade their selling skills

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