Sales Training Videos

The most effective sales training programs always include sales training videos. Video provides the most highly effective adult education methodology for several important reasons:

  • The content is always consistently delivered and not dependent on the facilitator.
  • You are far less reliant on the presentation skills of the training facilitator to communicate the key content of the sales course.
  • Reinforcement is significantly more effective and easily repeated.
  • Sales training videos can embed examples of the wrong way and the right way to use each sales skill thus increasing the student’s view of the relevance of the training.
  • Entertainment value is dramatically improved with high-quality video production. Students love the training experience.
  • Important elements of the training are far easier to retain when video is included.

If the sales training program does not include video it has the potential to be inconsistent, dull and hard to reinforce. Action Selling from The Sales Board includes the following sales training video features:

  • 9 Modules of High-Definition video (120 Minutes)
  • Two professional moderators that teach the sales program
  • Eight professional role-play actors that demonstrate the wrong way and the correct way to use each selling skill
  • 3D animated graphics that emphasize and explain important concepts
  • Dozens of graphic builds that increase learning and retention
  • Sub-Titled key concepts to improve the student’s understanding of what is being taught.

Action Selling by The Sales Board is far more effective than All Other online sales training courses because it includes professionally produced sales training videos. An example is seen below.

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