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90% of All Sales Training Fails

Investing in sales training for your sales force seems like a perfectly sensible business practice. It must be a smart thing to do; after all, sales training is estimated to be a billion-dollar industry. But this billion-dollar industry has a failure rate approaching 90%. So why would any company want to waste training dollars and everyone’s time doing something that has a one-in-ten chance of producing a significant payback?

Read this sales article to learn what you can do to get your business in the top 10% that have significant long-term gains from effective sales training.

Documenting Your Best Sales Practices

Experience is a wonderful teacher, but only if you pay attention and draw the right lessons from your experience. It pays to document certain portions of your company’s sales process – and the most successful practices that you and your salespeople have found for generating successful sales relationships. Companies that do this increase their potential to maximize revenue, protect margins, and help their salespeople make more sales.

It is imperative to include six must-have elements in the content of your Best Sales Practices documentation. These elements have been proven to yield high sales success rates. Find out what they are and how to include them.

Is Your Sales Training Worth the Money?

Most companies have no idea what their sales training is worth. If You Can’t Measure It, Don’t Do It!

Locked inside every company is an asset that represents its greatest investment opportunity and its best chance to achieve dramatic revenue gains. A dollar invested in this asset can return more than $3 in 90 days and almost $14 in a single year. Find out how one company grew profits by $2.4 million in 90 days.

Top Training Methods to Achieve Record Breaking Sales

If sales management and trainers are to cultivate maximum revenue and profit growth, a healthy adult learning environment must exist whereby salespeople are motivated to learn …

This sales article describes the requirements for an effective adult learning environment and answers the question: “What is the most effective/efficient methodology for training a sales organization?”

Your First 18 Months as a New Sales Leader

Maybe you walked into your new job to find a sales function that seems downright broken. Maybe every time you turn over a rock you find another ghastly problem. Maybe leading this new sales team is like herding cats. Or, maybe you’re luckier. Your new company isn’t actually dysfunctional.

So where do you place your priorities? What is the single most
important thing you can do right now to begin to make sales revenue grow and ensure that your personal stock goes up, not down?

Discover five great ideas for tapping into your company’s hidden sales potential and how to avoid the pitfalls.

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