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The Sales Board trains and certifies salespeople in the particular selling skills that research proves have the greatest impact on sales performance. And from the ground up, our programs are designed to ensure that those critical selling skills are not only “learned” but used, consistently, in the field.

Sales Skills Certificate

Sales Skills Certificate

Today, as a result of Action Selling Certification, over 3,000 companies and 350,000 salespeople have dramatically increased their ability to make money selling with six times the revenue increases of others.

The Sales Board bases its research, in part, on the largest proprietary database of information on certified sales people. Through careful analysis of sales skills knowledge and performance data related to creating a more successful sales force, The Sales Board acts as both a source of leading-edge information and an incubator of sales training systems and products that advance learning, sales skills and success.

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The Sales Board is the creator of Action Selling, used by 350,000 sales people. Our consultants are standing by to give you immediate answers to your questions. Please call 1-800-232-3485.

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