Sales Management Training

The Sales Board provides Certified Sales Management Training and Sales Coaching Training that improves the sales managers ability to provide sales coaching and ongoing sales training that increases the number of salespeople who exceed their sales quota. Studies by independent researcher Aberdeen Group prove that Action Selling by The Sales Board outperforms “All Other” sales training programs in Reps Achieving Quota.

Sales Management Training Study

More Reps Achieving Quota with Action Selling
Aberdeen Group surveyed 835 companies and found more Action Selling trained sales forces achieving quota.

Sales Training for Sales Managers

When sales management is trained to support your sales training initiative, sales performance improves dramatically. By combining the best sales training program and proper sales training implementation strategy sales coaches will be more effective at providing sales reps with a consistent system to achieve sales quotas. Sales training programs from The Sales Board are:

  • Tailored to how your company does business
  • Customized to your needs that are identified with our Sales Performance Analysis
  • Focused on achieving your business Goals and Objectives
  • Documented to support your Best Sales Practices
  • Reinforced to insure long-term success
  • Measured to create an accountable system for sales development

Action Selling™ Sales Training, exclusively from The Sales Board, is guaranteed to positively impact the performance of your entire sales team. According to the study conducted by independent researcher Aberdeen Group, 54% more Action Selling™ trained sales forces saw YOY improvement in reps achieving quota compared to “All Other” sales training programs.

Read The Aberdeen Report:
Sales Training Research Study

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