Sales Training Programs

In the past, Sales Training Programs were evaluated by things like:

  • “He was a great speaker.”
  • “She held our attention throughout the entire session.”
  • “I learned a valuable selling tip (or technique) from the workshop.”

Unfortunately, sales training that is based on tips, techniques or the speaker’s ability to talk doesn’t pass the test of time. Effective sales training programs transfer knowledge into application. They are focused on the right selling skills.

Four Vital Elements for Effective Sales Training Programs


Fact: Without motivation there can be no learning at all. Use an assessment tool that identifies each salesperson’s needs for learning. See how the Action Selling Sales Skills Assessment creates this needed motivation based on identifying each person’s selling skills needs.


Fact: Follow-up reinforcement has proven to prevent relapse into old behavior. When the manager of the salesperson that is being trained does the follow-up reinforcement, it sends a signal that the salesperson will be held accountable for learning. It develops the coaching ability of the manager at the same time.


Fact: 87% of learning is forgotten in only 30 days. Without a systematic approach to learning, selling behavior will not change. The Action Selling Sales Training Programs and Sales Certification process follows Best Practices for Adult Education. From preparing students and managers for training, to conducting reinforcement, to assessing learning and certifying selling skills, effective sales training is a complete learning management system as shown in the image below.

Sales Training Programs Certification Timeline

Our Sales Training Programs Certification Timeline


Fact: You can’t teach salespeople to do 100 new things. Nor, can you alter their personalities. Action Selling teaches the Five Critical Sales Skills that produce the most performance improvement: Buyer Seller Relationship, Sales Call Planning, Questioning Skills, Presentation Skills and Gaining Commitment. Learn more about Five Critical Sales Skills.

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