Our Story

The Sales Board, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Duane Sparks, the creator of the Action Selling Sales Training Program. As a sales training company, the organization became dedicated to becoming the authoritative source of practical and leading edge information about the art and science of selling.

The Sales Board is Research-Proven

Sales Skills Assessment ReportsIn 1995, The Sales Board began assessing the sales skills of salespeople with the use of the Benchmark Sales Skills Assessment. The output of data collected from this assessment correlates with sales performance change by comparing pre-training data to post-training data.

To date, more than 350,000 salespeople from more than 3,000 companies have been assessed, trained, certified, and measured against standards of performance change. No other company has developed anything remotely comparable to this database of sales skill measurement and corresponding sales performance change. With the largest database of Certified Sales Professionals in the business and over 12 million data points, we make Sales Skills Certification a meaningful achievement.

Action Selling Sales Training and Sales Certification Programs have been taught in over 50 countries and translated into 7 languages. When salespeople become certified in Action Selling, our studies show that their sales performance increases at up to six (6) times the rate of un-certified salespeople while simultaneously increasing selling margins.

In an independent Sales Training Research Study, Aberdeen Research Group compares The Sales Board customers to the customers of “All Other” sales training companies. Compared to all other training companies, the report concludes Action Selling Customers:

  • Reduce selling cycles (time to close) by 136% YOY
  • Increase average deal size by 79% YOY
  • Increase percentage of reps achieving quota by 54% YOY
  • Have greater customer retention by 93% YOY

Questions? Talk With A Sales Training Expert

The Sales Board is the creator of Action Selling, used by 350,000 sales people. Our consultants are standing by to give you immediate answers to your questions. Please call 1-800-232-3485.

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